Why an avenger?

When he was young, Sheiyand Arjhann was only known as Arjhann, and his life was happy. He spent every day with his mother and father, learning the ways of his clan of Dragonborn, the Yglestet. The clan worked in harmony with the local animals and forest peoples, so they rarely had any problems, and those that came up were settled in council. Then, one day when young Arjhann was away gathering firewood, his clan was attacked by a group of radical dragon-hunters calling themselves The Holy Fathers.

The young male returned to his home in ruins, and his friends and family dead. He did not know what to do, as he stood there watching his old life be torn from him, as he had not yet had the Trials that would have made him a warrior. As he sat on his knees, crying for the loss of his family and home, he was attacked by one of the men left behind. He panicked and ran into the forest, pursued by the man who would surely have been the young dragonborn’s doom, until he heard a strange and ugly sound from behind him.

The sound, as it turned out, was his forest allies killing the unfortunate man who was chasing their friend. He spent many decades with them, learning the ways of the forest and learning the language of the animals, until he finally emerged from the forest. Whence he returned to the civilized world, he was an adult, and well trained in the wild ways. Always he was accompanied by his companion, an obscenely large wolf named Argus, as he searched the world for his family’s murderers.

One would think that his forest friends did not condone his journey, that they were against killing needlessly. Anyone to think that would be quite wrong. The animals of the forest burned with hate for men and elves after the attack, and they wanted vengeance as badly as their protector, sending Argus with him to watch over their last remaining link to their old friends of Sheiyand’s clan. The name, Sheiyand, was given to him by the Forest Elder, a strange tree-dwelling man who taught and presided over all the woods; the name means “Avenger” in the native tongue of Sheiyand’s clan.

Now the newly adult Sheiyand has two tasks, which he cannot fail at. The first; to track down and kill any surviving member of the raid party that had ravaged his home. The second; to replenish his clan and restore the order of his homeland with more protectors of the forest, as his family had been. Gods speed to his allies and friends alike, for his wrath is ever-burning, and his loyalty undeniable.

Why an avenger?

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